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OpenPMO Niouzes : boost in performance – 12-02-2021 19:17 – by Patrick Boens

All RSS channels are updated in the background and all items are cached for maximum performance. Given the drastic improvement we were also able to able to increase the number of channels read up to 127 RSS flows at the moment. In the near future, we shall increase the number of flows to more than 1000.

OpenPMO links to L(i)VID – 10-02-2021 20:48 – by Patrick Boens

Today, OpenPMO has made the logical link with L(i)VID ( Whenever a question arises that requires a bit of methodological answer, we have linked with L(i)VID, a site developed by the team of OpenPMO and whose principal concern is The Digital Transformations.

Small API Gateway – 09-02-2021 06:53 – by Patrick Boens

OpenPMO is essentially API Services-based. For example, when a user wants to create a new Portfolio, an API request is launched, which is also the case when a new Aspiration is requested, or a new Sprint, or a new task within a sprint. Most of the requests are Ajax calls bearing some form of API request. All calls are served with separate logical endpoints, which ultimately turn to be a singular physical endpoint served by our hand-made API Gateway whose task is to check the validity of the request and to route the request to the appropriate handler. The code of the OpenPMO Small API Gateway is stored on GitHub and will be open to public access.

OpenPMO API – 06-02-2021 20:50 – by Patrick Boens

The very first steps have been taken to set in place our OpenPMO API space. It goes hand in hand with our own API Gateway (trql.smallAPIGW.class.php that will be used under its standardized form for the first time.

OpenPMO has used OpenPMO – 28-01-2021 17:56 – by Patrick Boens

The use of the product that we are building to guarantee ... its own construction is a way of putting on the shoes that we propose to make for others and therefore to feel the comfort or discomfort ourselves.

It is by going through the menu items, by visualizing the information, by trying to manipulate the product that we realize its strengths and weaknesses.

Eat your own dog food!

OpenPMO was used in the development of OpenPMO: we created a portfolio, included projects, assigned sprints to them, created tasks, used reports, ... to develop OpenPMO.

The first tests started on a very incomplete product after 8 days. Since then, we kept adding feature after feature, making OpenPMO more pleasant to use day after day.

At the time of this writing the product is far from being finished. Our goal is to officially open the site on 01/06/2021 at noon.


Opening of OpenPMO – 27-01-2021 06:25 – by Patrick Boens

The OpenPMO site Will be officially open to public registration on June, 1st 2021.

New interesting sources of information – 25-01-2021 22:06 – by Patrick Boens

We keep adding new sources of information which we let our "robots" scan regularly. Today we have added and This brings us to a new step that requires the activation of intelligent routines capable of analyzing texts in order to "understand" and classify them. Stay tuned. We think you'll love it !

Account Creation – 25-01-2021 22:10 – by Patrick Boens

We have finalized the basic version of Account Creation. In the forthcoming days we shall associate the creation of an account to the generation of a password. Once done, this important part of member onboarding will be fully operational.

OpenPMO Radio – 25-01-2021 22:15 – by Patrick Boens

Soon OpenPMO will have its webradio. Stay tuned!